Botox treatments in Salzburg

Dr. Thomas Kastner, Botox Salzburg

Botulinum toxin

Botu­li­num toxin injec­tions are the most wide­ly used method to achie­ve a friend­lier, fres­her and youn­ger facial expres­si­on and have been pro­ven effec­ti­ve for deca­des.

Mode of action

Botu­li­num toxin is a drug that restricts or inhi­bits the con­trac­tion of facial mimic mus­cles for several mon­ths. This leads to rela­xa­ti­on of the skin and a reduc­tion in the for­ma­ti­on of wrink­les.

Therapy sequence

After a detail­ed con­sul­ta­ti­on, the out­pa­ti­ent Botox tre­at­ment takes place. The drug is injec­ted, after local coo­ling, with a very fine need­le in the dis­cus­sed are­as. The pain cau­sed by the injec­tion is mini­mal and com­pa­ra­ble to an insect bite.

With Botox into a wrinkle-free future

Frown line

Crow’s feet

Forehead cre­a­se

Naso­la­bi­al fold

Fields of application Botox

Frown line

The frown line is loca­ted bet­ween the eye­brows and gives an angry facial expres­si­on. The tre­at­ment makes one look friend­lier.

Crow’s feet, smile lines

Too deep wrink­les around the eyes make you look older and more tired.

Forehead wrinkle

If the trans­ver­se wrink­le on the forehead is very deep and pro­noun­ced, it gives the per­son oppo­si­te a nega­ti­ve facial expres­si­on.

Gummy Smile

When laug­hing, the lips are pul­led up dis­pro­por­tio­na­te­ly far, so that the teeth and upper gums show.


Exces­si­ve swea­ting in the arm­pits can be bother­so­me. Botox is a very effec­ti­ve method here.

Botox Salzburg

We start with the evil eye!

Befo­re we start a tre­at­ment with Botox in our ordi­na­ti­on in Salz­burg, the desi­red result and the injec­tion points are deter­mi­ned in a com­pre­hen­si­ve ana­ly­sis.

For this pur­po­se, mus­cle con­trac­tions must be made, from scow­ling to smi­ling to rai­sing the eye­brows. Dis­tur­bing indi­vi­du­al wrink­les and small ble­mis­hes are made to disap­pe­ar with Botox, direct­ly in the ordi­na­ti­on in Salz­burg. The skin is tigh­te­ned, wrink­les are redu­ced and their refor­ma­ti­on is pre­ven­ted by the redu­ced facial expres­si­on.

Alt­hough Botox has been used for about 50 years, an average of 10 mil­li­on app­li­ca­ti­ons take place world­wi­de every year and it is one of the safest and best-stu­di­ed pro­te­ins, trai­ned spe­cia­lists are necessa­ry for its app­li­ca­ti­on.

Dr. Tho­mas Kas­t­ner offers you this high level of com­pe­tence in Botox tre­at­ments in his office in Salz­burg, both through addi­tio­nal trai­ning and many years of expe­ri­ence, as well as through the use of exclu­si­ve­ly cli­ni­cal­ly tes­ted acti­ve ingre­dient.

Nume­rous satis­fied cus­to­mers who feel good in their skin again and the Botox tre­at­ment results pro­ve the tre­at­ment right.

In order for you to expe­ri­ence the reju­ve­na­ting effect of the tre­at­ment, only a small prick with a very thin need­le is necessa­ry. Using the need­le, the Botox is injec­ted direct­ly into the mus­cle tis­sue. Only a small prick is felt and a small red­ness and swel­ling indi­ca­te the injec­tion site.

Alrea­dy after one hour the­se side effects are gone, after a few days the first smoot­hing effect appears and after about 14 days you can expe­ri­ence the full effect. The effect lasts bet­ween three and six mon­ths, depen­ding on mus­cle strength. The out­pa­ti­ent tre­at­ment takes about half an hour.

It’s the facial expres­si­on that counts, which is why Botox tre­at­ment empha­si­zes a natu­ral result. Expe­ri­ence the sof­tening effect of Botox tre­at­ment and incre­a­se your self-este­em with your visual­ly youn­ger you!

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